Pool and Popcorn!

May 30, 2009 · 8:45 am

School’s out! Today was the first day of summer. The kids wanted to swim, but, I, trying to be the responsible adult in charge, said it was too cold. Apparently I don’t know as much as I think I do, so I let them find out for themselves. They jumped in the cold water, then, out they came just as quick as they got in. Why is it that grown ups are seemingly idiots, who know nearly nothing as much as they do? Being the parent that I am, I thought, I’ll teach them! Life’s lessons right. They figured out too late that maybe I do know something after all!

I put the shivering kids in the sun to warm, gave them popcorn, and proceeded with my own agenda. (I’ve quickly learned that if I want to document their days, I need a good plan.) Give ’em popcorn and tell them to try throw it in the air and catch it. It worked for me, but it didn’t work for them. I do enjoy the hatching of the sinister plot to con them into doing what I want! And all unbeknownst to the know-it-alls!


Oops! It’s a miss!

the ever cool popcorn goatee


And an almost good one, had I not chopped off his chin!


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