Rock that OCF!

January 1, 2010 · 12:53 am

Several years ago, I decided I needed a $400 flash for my camera. It became just a heavy reminder of something I could just not comprehend. This past year, I read everything I could get my hands on. I “get” how to expose correctly, but found myself very frustrated, I didn’t understand. My brain would not allow it. How could I possibly grasp the concept of metering correctly, and choosing my shutterspeed, and aperture to get a correct exposure, but I could not operate this stupid flash outside? (I can, however, drag that shutter like nobody’s business inside!) I desperately wanted to learn to control the light to achieve the look I wanted. Many failed attempts later, I gave up. It just wasn’t meant to be.

Last night I finally bought Ali Hohn’s book, Rock that OCF!

Holy Moly! It just clicked! One of the best purchases I have made!
Well, by george, I THINK I’M GETTING IT!

It’s important to note that this book is about learning how to use your flash manually. It’s not written very technical at all (probably the only reason I understood!). Very visual. Just what I needed. She explains the basics in terms even I can understand. It starts off with what you need equipment-wise. There are lot’s of images throughout with explanations, settings, and why. She also included examples of what not to do, along with explanations. I thought that was very interesting to see. I think it was a combination of both this and just the way she explained it. Totally worth the expense. The first time I read through it, I just started “getting it”. Overall, I think she made it so easy to understand, it was well worth it for me. I will definitely be trying this again tomorrow!

What I did today. Still not perfect by any means, but, I get it

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